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Help promote a nationwide health challenge to earn a bonus for a new Black BMW!!

How would you like to lose weight or get in shape over the next 90 days? What if you could get awesome rewards like a new BMW for helping others do the same?

The Body by Vi Challenge is a 90 day health transformation challenge that is sweeping the nation, helping real people get real results.

A few of our Challenge promoters raving about their free BMW’s…

"Dreams really do come true! Work a little, get a lot – and have fun all the while doing it. Thanks ViSalus for the FREE toy just for promoting the Body by Vi Challenge, and for giving me back ‘my own time’ so I can earn a living and still be with my daughter."

- Cheri & daughter Natalie*

"Where else can a 22 year-old college student drive a brand new BMW 328i just for promoting a Challenge that brings my classmates, friends, and family the best health and wellness products around? The experience is incredibly rewarding on so many levels."

- Trey*

“After a career of long hours and high pressure as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative who was driving an Impala, I now drive my dream BMW and have helped 37 others do the same!"

- Ashley*

The ViSalus “Bimmer Club” It’s about what drives you!

  • You can earn a BMW bonus for life for promoting the Challenge!
  • Over 4,000 people have already qualified for their BMW’s!
  • You can earn weekly cash rewards, incentive vacations, and more!
  • Renowned support team and simple system help you succeed!
  • All backgrounds welcome. No prior experience needed!